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Definitions of adult words and abbreviations

analingus (tossed my salad)

- Licking your partner's butthole

ass to mouth

- Sexual practice involving blowjob immediately following anal sex, usually without cleaning off the penis first


- Sex without a condom, especially anal sex between two men without a condom.

barely legal

- Sex with persons who aged 18 years old


- Big black cock. Even Darwin could not answer the question why black men have such big dicks


- Big Beautiful Woman/Women - ladies who has weight over 100 kg and more


- Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism & Masochism. Sexual practice when people takes pleasure from pain


- A hot Arab girl from North Africa. Commonly used in France.


- Boyfriend


- BJ - blowjob. The act of sucking and using lips and tongue to pleasure a guy's dick.


- Variety of fetish that involves multiple ejaculation on a person (usually on a girl) by many men.

camel toe

- When her pants are so tight you can see her labia.


- Genre of porn movies when amateur persons, who never filmed in porn comes to interview. After talking, they usually undress and have sex. In real world everybody knows their roles.


- Crossdresser - a person who dresses in clothes normally only associated with the opposite gender. A man who dresses in womens clothes is a male to female (MtF) crossdresser, a woman who dresses as a man is a female to male (FtM) crossdresser.


- Clothed female, naked man - a fetish in which a dressed woman, sometimes partially, has sex with a naked man


- Cum on her face


- Porn genre in which scenes from various videos was mounted with one kind of sexual practice


- Costume play, is a sexual fetish in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.


- An older woman who frequents clubs in order to fucks with a much younger man.


- Internal cumshot. Act of ejaculating inside pussy or asshole. Also the moment after the internal ejaculation, when the cum drips out.


- Porn genre in which scenes with ejaculation only are mounted


- Double anal penetration


- Sexual action when a girl is giving a guy a blowjob and the guy puts most of his dick into the girls mouth. The dick touches the throat, and often makes girls gag.


- An artificial sex toy imitates male penis


- Dad I'd Like to Fuck - male aged 30 years and more, not necessarily daddy, just sexy.

doggy style

- A sexual position behind partner, when male inserts his dick into his woman's vagina from behind. She's usually bending over something, or on her hands and knees.

dp (dped)

- Double penetration - when a woman has two penises inserted any combo of her mouth, anus, or vagina, but is most commonly done in the anus and vagina


- Down to fuck


- The state of one’s whole body being wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy in a latex suit, sleepsack, or other fetish gear for the purposes of sexual gratification.


- Electrical stimulation - When a person (usually a man) gets pleasure from electric shock (usually genitals)

exhibitionism (exhib)

- Sexually arousing fantasies involving the exposure of the individual's genitals.

femdom (domina) (dominatrix)

- Female Domination: A woman (or action in which a woman) dominates sexual interaction with her mate.


- Sexual practice when pleasure getting with fingers


- Sexual practice when somebody insert their hand into vagina or butthole


- The most common methods are jacking off penis between the soles, or between the toes of both feet

gangbang (gang-bang)

- When someone, often a female, gets sexual pleasure from more than 2 penis's


- Girlfriend


- German porn with lots of man goo


- Granny I'd Like to Fuck - women aged 50 years and more.


- Sexual interaction when somebody puts his penis in hole in the wall, and another person interact with it on the other side


- When someone masturbate your penis with hands


- Intense sex, sometimes rough


- Consensual sex between people who hate each other.


- HD - high definition. Digital movies with a resolution of 720 or 1080 lines, interlaced (i) or progressive (p). Also has a wider aspect ratio (1:78:1 or 16:9) than regular video (1:33:1 or 4:3), and 5.1 channel Dolby Digital AC-3 surround sound.


- Hentai is animated pornography showcasing women who have better bodies than any real women and men with enormous penises.


- HJ - handjob. When a girl strokes a guys penis until he cums. It's basically masturbation done by someone else for a person.

interracial (ir)

- Sex between different race. Usually white girls having sex with black males


- Japanese Adult Video - sometimes strange, but always interesting


- Mom I'd Like to Fuck, or Mature I'd Like to Fuck. Almost all women after 30 years


- Phat Ass White Girl. Girl with a phat (Pretty Hot And Tempting) ass and is white. Commonly said by black males.


- Pretty Hot And Tempting. Used to describe a beautiful girl, which usually has big boobs and arse


- Porn Music Video

pov (p.o.v.)

- Point of view. In a pov porn the man receiving sexual ratification holds the camera himself and aims it down at his genitals and the partner/s who is/are pleasuring him. The effect is to give the viewer the sense that he is experiencing the sexual acts he


- A woman in her sexual prime between the ages of 30-39 who prefers to date younger men.

sex (fucking) (drilled)

- The first and lone reason why the world exists, figuratively, and literally

shemale (t-girl) (ladyboy) (tgirl) (ts) (tranny)

- Girl, who was born as male, usually with boobs and penis. Very popular in Asia, where male can suck dick and don't going to work


- When girl masturbates alone


- When someone sucks dick for one guy, and gets fucked by another guy in pussy or ass in same time

squirt (squirting)

- When a girl literally shoots out her vaginal fluid from her vagina as she climaxes

strapon (strap on)

- A dildo and a harness around the waist, thigh, or groin to wear it on. Used for pegging sex or lesbian sex.


- Short for "Submissive". The submissive person in a BDSM relationship or encounter.


- In porn it means that person looks very young, but they always aged more 18 years


- When penis placed between a pair of boobs and the woman moves her own tits, typically with her hands.


- When somebody jerkoff off and cums on a picture of some person, usually famous


- An attractive, boyish-looking, young gay man


- Is a sexual fetish, when someone having sex in work clothes. Nurses, stewardesses, teachers, and schoolgirls in priority


- A person that likes to watch other people engage in sexual acts

water sports (golden shower) (golden rain)

- Sexual activity in which urine is involved. The presence of urine is generally considered erotic for those indulging in the urine related activities.

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